Temple Mountain Milky Way Capturing

Had some fun recently exploring an area I’ve been visiting local to me in New Hampshire but at a totally different time of day. While sitting at home doing absolutely nothing I decided to go for a drive to the highest point of elevation in our area so I took off to Temple Mountain to try and see some stars. With just a ten-minute drive it’s an awesome view when you have clear skies, you can easily see the Milky Way and tons of constellations. Something about seeing objects outside of our planet is so rad to me and to be able to capture that was pretty fun.

Now the only part that’s a little different than sitting out all night in the desert in California you don’t have to worry about a cold night. Milky Way season is primarily in the summer months so in the desert you have nothing to worry about. I’m not in California anymore, I’m thousands of miles away in New Hampshire so it’s already about 15 degrees at night so this was fun trying to tell if my fingers were actually pressing the buttons or not.

The best part of this was finally testing out my setup of having the Sony a7 attached to the Rokinon 14mm f2.8. Having never tried the Sony a7 with astrophotography or Milky Way photography I was stoked to see the results. It was hard to decide if this was more monumental to me or getting to play with a 14mm wide angle f2.8. I had never gotten to shoot Milky Way photos with a wide angle, my Nikon had a 35mm f1.8 that was awesome for low light but the camera body of the Nikon D3000 wouldn’t allow me to capture the Milky Way the way you are able to see it at the time of viewing.

Seeing my image compared to the way you would view it in person is very important to me. Now, I’m not good enough to capture that myself with just my camera. Getting to crop in a photo, retouch the highlights and the white balance is something crucial for me. Most of my photos are just snapped during my spur of the moment trips with my camera laying on my dash. A large part of being able to show these images very close to the way you would be if you were standing on the mountain yourself is due to the editing because this photo was taken at 6:30pm within 80 miles of Boston.


Not only is this place close to Massachusetts for all of the nature lovers but it is also a free hiking place! There are a few trails taking you to the summit of this awesome little mountain to give you some killer views to enjoy on a short hike. It is just across the street from the more well-known Miller State Park so you have a choice of adventures. There are more trails in the Miller State Park but you have to pay $4 per adult, animals are accepted as well! Here’s a link to visit them both!

I hope you enjoy these photos just as much as I loved getting back in my car to throw my hands on the heater vents. Cheers to a great week, let us have a better week ahead of us.