Chasing Success

What comes to mind when someone asks you what success means to you? 

Is it driving fancy cars and owning big houses or is it getting to reach millions around the world giving priceless knowledge and inspiration? No matter what you determine success to be we all have an idea and we all wish to have that comfort of feeling successful. Now, I want to help all of you find where that success will come from and how you can prioritize your life to live your dream and reach that successful lifestyle that you could only hope for.


I'll start with what I believe success is. When I was asked recently what I thought to be success I really didn't know how to answer it but, later that night I decided I couldn't go to sleep until I found my version of being successful. Going back and forth in my mind wondering if it would be more successful to have financial security and do all of the bad a$$ things that I've ever dreamed of doing or if it would be to know that I have changed every person's life for the better that I have come in contact with in one way or another. Well, feeling positive I realized it's the later, wanting to reach as many people possible with my photos and stories to help inspire those to enjoy our beautiful world. I originally started my photography adventures wanting to help people stuck in places without easy access to the outdoors or tough spots in life that just don't allow you to have the extra time to fully immerse yourself in mother nature. That goal will remain my dream and something I realized is I am already successful.

DSC_0024 (1).jpg

I am already reaching more people than I ever imagined with my content and that for me is a huge feeling of success. With only having owned my own camera for under a year and having already received emails from followers telling me about how I've inspired them to explore more, I realized that just receiving even one of those had made this past time more than worth it. If your levels of success only come when reaching long term goals you will have a harder time ultimately reaching those goals. Setting a platform that you can feel satisfied and successful whenever reaching even the smallest day-to-day achievements is where I've found that my success will multiply and my goals will be met.

If I set my vision of success to be once I can reach tens of thousands of people a day, I would never get to the point of feeling satisfied and motivated to continue living my dream. If I gave up on my dream I would never find that feeling of being completely satisfied with the life that I lived. Setting these more common to reach levels of success makes me feel like my dream isn't so far out there and may be easier for me to reach than I once thought when I set too high of expectations of success.

Now you have to figure out what you will consider success to be. It doesn't matter what you see as success but it will benefit your life to realize that you are successful everyday in what you are doing. If it's getting more done around the house, if it's having your boss buy you lunch or helping someone that you see struggling you are succeeding. You are doing something that you could have opted to pass out on, that in turn shows you found a little piece of success and can carry that on and out-do what you have already achieved.


Whether you have a better idea of what you claim success to be I hope this helps you realize that you can be successful without having a six figure paycheck or a Lamborghini. Go out and find those daily instances of success and achieve those short term goals everyday. Skip watching the net episode of a Netflix show and do something positive to help guide yourself to success.