Adventures of Southern California

The most common question I get is, ”Where should I go when I come to Southern California?” I have the answers my friends and you may disagree with my choices or you may have some to add so throw them in the comments at the bottom of this post! I’m all about finding rad, new places to explore so that’s what I’m doing for you. So if you live in Southern California I hope you can discover a new place to adventure after reading this, if you are traveling here make sure you check out the comments to see other adventures people rave about down here!

This list goes in no order so the first is not the best, just read what I have to say about them and you can make a judgement based on what you like and want to see! Each location or adventure has a link giving you even more info about it if you click.

Do you want the beach? Do you want some mountains? What about a hike? Just read below, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Torrey Pines Wilderness

DSC_0060 (1).JPG

With some of the most beautiful California beaches you can’t go wrong with Torrey Pines. Hiking, beach and tons of beautiful sights you will have exercised and gotten a sweet tan all in one activity. With multiple trail options you’ll have a selection of distances as well as multiple parking lots to let everyone see the beauty. Whether you’re looking for a good beach day or a good hike, check out Torrey Pines!

Black Star Canyon Falls

Trying to get to see a beautiful waterfall? Time it right and you may be in for an awesome treat with this one. After large amounts of rainfall, I know it’s rare in Southern California, this waterfall is pumping. I’m always stoked to get back to this one, being a longer hike be sure to come prepared and leave early. Climbing over large boulders makes for an awesome, tiring and beautiful hike through a big creek bed. At the top be prepared for an amazing waterfall, take a dip in the water it’s always my favorite part after a long uphill.

Willow Canyon, Laguna Coast Wilderness

Back to the beach and a sweet hike. Hiking just over the ridges in Laguna Canyon you’ll get views across from Top of the World giving you a different perspective of Laguna Beach and Laguna Canyon. But don’t be worried, you’ll drop into some secluded canyons where there is nothing but nature in sight. Getting to see the beautiful Pacific while hiking some beautiful ridges and canyons you’ll ever have a bad sight Watch out for mountain bikers as there are plenty, always bring water, it can get hot and dry in these brushy areas.

Camping at Holcomb Valley


Need a camping trip? Can you drive on dirt roads and be prepared for some killer meadows? Head to Holcomb Valley Campground. With hiking trails, forest roads to explore and an awesome little historic cabin I love getting back there. Check out the link below to see the details! This is one of my favorite campsites in California!

Holy Jim Falls


This hike has become quite the popular one. This is my go-to hike to show non-locals as it is easy to get to, short and absolutely beautiful. This short and beautiful hike is quiet and beautiful even when crowded. The dense canyon offers beautiful greenery and some awesome photos at the fall. I absolutely love coming back here for an early morning hike or even an evening sunset hike to see the sun fall behind the hills surrounding you. If you want a sub 2-mile hike with a waterfall at mid-point this is the one for you.

Off-Roading Jacoby Canyon

DSC_0304 (1).JPG

I can’t think of a better easy-going trail with little to no traffic and views most don’t see. This trail is an easier trail to wheel, with spots where you may need 4wd or a locker it keeps the traffic low. If you are camping at Holcomb Valley this trail is easy to access as it’s just down the backside of the mountains. Just take the highway and return up to the top via Jacoby. Check it, I know you want to.

All of these adventures are on my page on TheOutbound. If you want an app that’ll give you some amazing adventures recorded by people like myself just head over there, make an account and adventure. Heck, record your adventures and let others experience some beauty that you love. Keep your circles tight and be responsible in these areas, be responsible in all areas. Pick up your trash, bring some extra bags and fill them up. Cleaning up after others isn't the best way to spend your time in the outdoors but let's work together to help teach others what keeping a clean environment does for us.

Go out and explore people, explore before it’s too late. The most important part is go out and use the land we have available to us. If you don't use it you'll lose it, show the world what we can do to keep these areas in good shape for future generations to explore.