Tillak's Sitka Featherlight Chair

Back with another awesome product review! This series has been fun and this thing was just begging for me to get my hands on it to test it out and throw it in my 4Runner for some adventures. Remember these are just rad products I use, ordering through the Amazon link at the bottom of the page helps bring me money to continue these rad reviews and content to your screen! Bringing Tillak’s super lightweight Sitka to my product review blog was long awaited and I can say that everyone needs one, order one on Amazon! Not only are a percentage of the profits going straight back to our environment but these guys are definitely going to be bringing some more gear out that will only make your adventures easier.


After having more than I can count Walmart chairs break I decided to find something with some quality to it. Not wanting a full-size camp chair, I wanted to kill two birds with one stone and get something I can throw in my pack on backpacking trips.


1.     Stupidly Lightweight- Weighing in at 1.75 pounds this thing falls in the weight range of those small stools that aren’t very big. This is a huge plus for anyone looking for a chair to throw in their pack on trips where you want a little more chair in your life.

2.     Speedy Setup- Putting this thing together is way easier than any chair that has joints and folds. Aluminum poles with shock cord inside to help easily guide the poles in their home. After assembling the frame you just slip the fabric part of the chair onto the frame and you are good to go. About a minute long setup. Again, why mess with something that could get stuck and leave you frustrated?

3.     Low Price- At $44.95 this thing is stupidly cheap. 25% of that is thrown back at the environment to help fund outdoor conservation projects. While they may not be a known product I can assure you that they are an awesome company providing some quality gear and turning that money into some great new products and environment projects. Do it, Amazon link is at the bottom.


1.     Only Offered in One Color- Yeah this is a con, but it really isn’t when you can match it to your Tillak Wallowa Cap Hat in Basalt Grey. I mean most people aren’t going to mind having a grey chair but some picky people may go to another company at this point. I actually love the color.

2.     You Don’t Have One- Go buy one, I don’t have any real cons. From freezing weather on Orange County’s Saddleback Peak to the deserts in Anza Borrego I will continue to have this thing strapped to the side of my backpack at all times.


I don’t know what else to tell you guys, these things are awesome and I’m grabbing a second one to throw in my arsenal for friends that accompany me on journeys. I hope you all get the chance to experience the comfort factor of these things, let your body relax when you can and there’s no other way than enjoying a Sitka after a long day on the trail.

Amazon link is below, I always appreciate orders through my link as it helps me continue these reviews and this rad website bringing some awesome photos and stories of this world to your screen.

Cheers and enjoy your adventures.