Goal Zero Torch 250

Hey everyone! Glad to be back to this blog series as I have tested my gear even further while on my route across the country from New Hampshire to Southern California. I really appreciate all of the support and love on my website as well as my social media pages, I couldn’t do it without all of your awesome support.


This write up is going to be about an incredible flashlight that works also as a charging device for anything with a USB. Now there are tons out there and I actually have a couple other ones that include some of the very same features as the Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight with Integrated Solar Panel. But none of the have all of the features this does.

Now this thing is in the $65-$75 range when buying through amazon so it is a little pricey but going on 3 years of owning it I have had no issues and am close to snagging a second. I tend to lose all of my flashlights but this one always has my eyes on it because it easily the most useful. With always being able to charge it up on the go I leave it on my dash while driving around throughout the day.

Let’s get to some pros and cons!


1-    No battery costs. With a solar panel and a separate USB for plugging into an outlet this thing is so easy to always use, did I mention there is a hand crank if it were to die at night and you have no outlet? Well yeah it has that too so you are ready for any situation.

2-    Light Options. Not only do you have a normal flashlight, you also have a floodlight making it perfect for those times you need to work on your rig or setup camp in the dark. Don’t forget it also comes with red emergency lights which come in handy when stranded or even stuck on the side of the road.


3-    Hanging Hooks. Need to use both hands but don’t have a buddy? Well this little guy has two hooks that cross over each other making the perfect hanging tool. They overlap making it the perfect hanging hook, it wont fall on your head or fall into your engine bay!

4-    USB Charging Port. Need to charge up your phone to keep capturing moments on your adventures? Just throw your charging cable into the torch’s USB and charge that baby up. I’ve also used this to help charge my laptop when I need to edit photos at a campsite, with both the solar panel and hand crank this thing can be going for hours.



1-    Size. It’s an awkward shape and size, it doesn’t fit too well into a small backpack and it can be too big for some smaller hands. But utilizing the hooks in that situation works perfect to help grasp it or secure it to the outside of you backpack to charge.

2-    The hand crank takes a while. Cranking it will take you a decent amount of time and effort. Although in an emergency situation it is very useful as one minute of cranking will on average support 2 minutes of battery life. I recommend keeping it charged up using the solar panel and USB connection while an outlet is available that way when worst comes to worst you can use that hand crank for some extra juice.

3-    Flood could be brighter. It’s bright don’t get me wrong but it’s not that bright. I could use a little extra and I often have an extra person hold another light when I have the option but I have spent many nights working on my car with it hanging by the hooks lighting up my engine bay or setting up camp late at night.



All in all, I would say this thing is my favorite flashlight I have owned. Super easy to recharge with the three different options, different light options for ever situation as well as a dimmer to help save battery life and helps you out when you need to charge up your devices. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a solar charging, hand cranking flashlight that’ll also charge your devices. I have no regrets in purchasing it and like I said earlier I am about to pull the trigger on a second one to keep as a spare.

Below I have the amazon link for it, if you want to purchase it through amazon I would be stoked for you to use my link as that helps me continue on with these product reviews and adventurous lifestyle! I do not work for Goal Zero this is just an awesome product that I fully stand behind. Feel free to leave comments and questions and I’ll get back as soon as possible.

Cheers everyone! Stay tuned for more reviews.