MAXSA Escaper Buddy Traction Ramps

Round three! Traction ramps have become one of the most popular recovery devices for overland enthusiasts, the only problem is that they are so expensive. While trying to find the right set for me I toyed with the thought of about five different brands or styles of traction ramps. The thought of using aluminum seemed like it would damage my tires if I spun them on accident, I didn’t want to drop over $300 on a set and I didn’t want to just use some old carpet that would get nasty and not be able to be easily washed off after using in some deep mud.


Well, after a few recoveries with the set I ended up pulling the trigger on, I can say they have held up great. From the California deserts to the woods in New Hampshire they have worked well in a range of climates and situations. I have had no issues with mine, literally nothing has gone wrong or been cumbersome. I can say these may be the cheapest and best insurance to make sure you won’t need to pay for an extremely expensive or time-consuming tow.


Ok, I’ll get to the point, I am doing a review on the MAXSA Escaper Buddy traction ramps. There are cheaper options out there, there are more sturdy options out there and I’m sure someone has found an entirely better idea when designing these but I can’t say these have caused any issues. With their identical competition being MaxTrax I can say that you won’t be needing to spend $325 for two pieces of plastic and $149 will do the job just fine. I’m not saying the MaxTrax don’t work but when considering a set, I would highly consider the MAXSA if you are going to get this style plastic traction ramp.


With Christmas around the corner I’m sure you know someone looking for a set of traction ramps. With them being an awesome alternative to digging for hours, using sticks and pieces of wood for a hard surface to get some traction and even provide to be useful when there are no trees to winch off of they are a piece that should be in every off-roading family’s quivers. It not only is a cheap way to make sure you end up to your base camp but is also useful to help out someone else that got themselves buried in the sand or mud. The Amazon link is below so don’t hesitate if you are looking for a recovery buddy, these will get you out of many tough positions. Cheers!