Nicoko Color Changing LED Halo Pods

Hey everyone! I have another product I’m going to be reviewing! In the past I have reviewed other light companies but recently I have partnered up with Nicoko to see what their new pods are all about. I haven’t ever been a big fan of having tons of different colored lights on my rigs but it was time that I see what it’s all about. My Nilight LED pods weren’t that bright so I needed to change them up anyways.


These lights have been an awesome addition allowing me to see more than I had been able to with my Nilight pods. My main attribute to picking a light is the brightness and the way the light is thrown. Not only do these have a much better throw of light but they are also noticeably brighter. I haven’t used the colored halo for while driving but it gives a pretty cool option to color match the light to something else on your rig if you are into that. It can be a great appeal for that sense or even something fun for playing some music while everyone hangs out while wheeling you can set the lights to strobe. You can set the actual projector LED’s to strobe as well as different settings for the halo to change colors. I’ll be doing a video soon on the changing colors to keep your eyes peeled!


These lights come with their own wiring! This is an awesome thing, I usually hate having to separately order some wiring or go down to the hardware store to grab some wire and a switch. Oh, then I usually forget some connectors so it always becomes an issue. This doesn’t even go on because everything is provided in the order for you, the wiring is also specific to these lights. This can be an issue or a blessing as it seems like some quality wiring. I don’t know about the possibility of splicing them if you need to add wiring but they work great if you have the pods as ditch lights or at an even distance apart. It took me about 10 minutes total, adding in removing my old lights, installation was a breeze due to the simplicity in the wiring they supply.


Did I mention you don’t need to drill for adding a switch? These come wired specifically to run off a remote they supply so that you can change the color of the halo on the edge or the main led lights. I don’t know how much I like this as I’m afraid of losing the remote or it running out of battery when I’m out exploring but I guess I’ll throw an extra battery in my glove box and cross my fingers I don’t misplace it. It is definitely nice to not add more switches all over if you don’t want to damage or change your interior. I would say this will be an increasing trend for the average guy looking to add some lights because drilling a spot for a switch or adding a switch isn’t sometimes an option for some people.


All in all, I’m stoked on these. They aren’t super cheap but they are definitely worth the price if you are looking for a specific colored halo led pod. I’m excited to see how the amber color halo works for dusty conditions, they will be perfect for those long backcountry trips where I need a little extra light.


Best part, they are available on Amazon. This means you can have them to your door within a matter of days. Right below I have a link so you can check them out on Amazon, don’t be afraid to check out their other lights, they make anything from 52” bars to supposedly coming out soon rock lights. So, check out the link below, check out their Instagram page here and see if they are the lights for you! They are always doing some awesome giveaways on lights so pay attention to their Instagram page so you don’t miss the chance on some free lights!