Douglas R Hall

Camera? Check.

Passport? Check.

Off-road capable rig? Check.

Corny jokes? Check.

Our world revolves around our handheld devices, so why not utilize this? It's proven that spending more time in the outdoors elevates your health but most people don't have access to the outdoors all day. So I'm bringing the highest quality of content revolving around the great outdoors. 


So, what do I do?

I capture moments that can't be missed. Trekking across the country, an off-road race truck flipping or even the best products around the world. All of it is captured and saved for eternity for others to enjoy and relive, hire me, you don't wanna miss the best moments of your life.

Contact me.

Reach out to me via email at photography.adventure.writing@gmail.com.

Questions, business inquiries and a good chat are always welcome! Just shoot me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as my coffee kicks in.